Passengers information:

In order to fly with us, no special previous knowledge is necessary. If you can go up and down a stairway quickly, then starting and landing is very easy for you.

We can easily take passengers up to 100 kg. If you have a higher body weight, you have to tell this when registering.

Children from 12 to 16 years may fly with the consent of their parents.



You should bring the following material with you:

  • weatherproof windbreaker
  • sturdy, ankle-supporting footwear (such as hiking boots or trekking boots)
  • Gloves in winter
  • if available: light air-, snowboard- or bicycle helmet



Paragliding is not a risky sport. If you are insured with the SUVA or a usual accident insurance, then you are sufficiently insured against accident.

My liability insurance for my passengers is secured up to CHF 5'000'000.-.

In the absence of accident insurance, it is possible to book a separate insurance before the flight for CHF 20.-. Please inform the pilot at an early stage.


Or just call:

078 657 58 53